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An Ongoing Investigation (NSFW Mature Themes)

Posted by Syntrus - December 2nd, 2019

According to some random user @jasoncore my track Brain Fluid was heard or suggested in the comments section of some kind of a porno. iu_73953_1421890.png

Naturally I launched a formal investigation into the alleged claims DMing some of the users that favorited the track. One of the users, who shall remain anonymous for their protection, responded. When I queried to the user "How did you first hear my track Brainfluid some guy said he heard it in a porno or something like that, did you hear it in a porno?", the user responded: Kind of a weird thing to ask, but sure, I'll roll with it. Lol No, I did not hear it in a porno."

After this badgering of my fanbase yielded no results, I was quick to post my track on 4chan's /B/ and ask if anyone had heard this song in a porno? Unfortunatly a Jani on 4chan quickly 404'd my post, tits or gtfo. After that I asked around in some discords and over on NG chat. I told them that a lot of the users that favorited Brain Fluid liked Hentai. One of the users googled "Syntrus Hentai" for me, which netted this result ; however I was already aware of hentyper as it came out way back when I was 16 and was still formally composing educational porn game soundtracks. So now here we are in the investigation, at a dead end, and I'm at my lowest point, asking the general public for help. Have any of you heard my obscure song Brain Fluid in a porno? If so please comment below..

Brainfluid is availible on Bandcamp on it's own as a single and as part of my short EP "The Mall Goth EP" Go check it out!


Comments (10)

@50N05 @Flashburn


This was a ride and you got me on the edge of my seat. Keep me updated if u ever find the lost porno....

you know it

pretty sure i heard it in this porno called "boku no pico." good luck my guy.

Nobody google that

keep us updated on your investigation. I'm with @ninjamuffin99 , I feel like I need answers haha

For sure

this is the strangest investigation i have seen and i am hooked

The dude who said he heard it needs to drop more details so we have an actual chance to find it imo

It does sound like good porn music.

It was originally supposed to be sort of a electro experimental acid song.

@Kajenx thanks.

Is this because you want to send them a copyright claim or because you're just curious about how widely your music has been used?

I want to get them whoever they are to link to my bandcamp as well. Great question.