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I feel like I can relate

CapaciousSpace responds:


Can we give Lusin some love guys? this took so much work and you can tell! The motion is so fluid and the characters are so original!

Just one complaint. I think the design of the head character the "gym coach" is a bit odd. I do not like the way his eyebrows are also shaped like crowns. Although this is great for theming and it even helps me know that this guy is *the boss* I find it disturbing on a personal level. Other then that my comments will have to wait until I see a full episode, or at least a full sketch from your program to give you further opinion. However here are some things that really stand out and make this the best thing I have seen on newgrounds today.

-Character design -The characters arehuge and exaggerated, they move smoothly, and are wonderfully drawn.

-Environment- It was a very mature choice to have the background faded while we were focused on the characters. The gym looked like a gym.

-crown brows
-I think you need to give the characters some stakes what are their motivations. (A preview should give me a sense of what I am going to see in the future.)

I still enjoyed it 5 stars!

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Worth Playing

Hey I just played this game, and I must say it was worth playing and an enjoyable experience. You even have a great sense of humor throughout.


I was really really addicted then my people found religion, now they won't stop celebrating, and offing themselves. I knew I shoulda banned that book.


Excellent choice of menu music. :p Thank you for keeping the dream alive. Fun game man. Physics I am told aren't easy to create in flash and I feel you pulled it off very realistically.

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I concur with Bren, good stuff.

Zooloo75 responds:

Thank you Syntrus, very cool!


slowfreq responds:

Thanks man! Glad you enjoy it.

Did they pull it off? The poster? If I had a coffee shop I would definitely let you post your poster on my bulletin board. Thanks so much for being a good sport I'll get some more friends to come here and give it a listen.

You have met the requirements very well, I loooooved the low end and the bongo drum work and I can drink coffee to this!! Sax is a little squeaky which is well its a genre problem so great work. All I want to do, is sit around and drink coffee. I need a life.

GreyHooves responds:

Thanks for the comment and the theme! I'd love to use saxophone more often, but the ones I have aren't the best to work with.
Enjoy your coffee :P

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All hail the king the one true troll!

Of what I saw of the first frame it looked cool. Unfortunately this websites art portal doesn’t seem to have that simple animation capability yet. The art portal is for stills. The millisecond I saw still beats the hell out of a bunch of this stuff though.

BrennanDownhill responds:

Yeah you are totally right, when I first watched it after posting it seemed to work fine. That was definitely a fluke. I looks it plays the whole thing 1/5 times you click on it. I think I may upload the 3 clips separately. Thanks for the feed back very helpful!

It must be so hard to be so talented and have your work attacked by the immature, this is deeply beautiful and honest! Great work!


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