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I feel like I can relate

CapaciousSpace responds:


Can we give Lusin some love guys? this took so much work and you can tell! The motion is so fluid and the characters are so original!

Just one complaint. I think the design of the head character the "gym coach" is a bit odd. I do not like the way his eyebrows are also shaped like crowns. Although this is great for theming and it even helps me know that this guy is *the boss* I find it disturbing on a personal level. Other then that my comments will have to wait until I see a full episode, or at least a full sketch from your program to give you further opinion. However here are some things that really stand out and make this the best thing I have seen on newgrounds today.

-Character design -The characters arehuge and exaggerated, they move smoothly, and are wonderfully drawn.

-Environment- It was a very mature choice to have the background faded while we were focused on the characters. The gym looked like a gym.

-crown brows
-I think you need to give the characters some stakes what are their motivations. (A preview should give me a sense of what I am going to see in the future.)

I still enjoyed it 5 stars!

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Worth Playing

Hey I just played this game, and I must say it was worth playing and an enjoyable experience. You even have a great sense of humor throughout.


I was really really addicted then my people found religion, now they won't stop celebrating, and offing themselves. I knew I shoulda banned that book.


Excellent choice of menu music. :p Thank you for keeping the dream alive. Fun game man. Physics I am told aren't easy to create in flash and I feel you pulled it off very realistically.

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The NG era of Space Age Music

Svenzo responds:


Very clean. Very relaxing I’d excpect nothing less.

you teaching black market art therapy back here? Nice 👍🏻

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yea man that's a cool OC

All hail the king the one true troll!

Of what I saw of the first frame it looked cool. Unfortunately this websites art portal doesn’t seem to have that simple animation capability yet. The art portal is for stills. The millisecond I saw still beats the hell out of a bunch of this stuff though.

BrennanDownhill responds:

Yeah you are totally right, when I first watched it after posting it seemed to work fine. That was definitely a fluke. I looks it plays the whole thing 1/5 times you click on it. I think I may upload the 3 clips separately. Thanks for the feed back very helpful!


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