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Syntrus's News

Posted by Syntrus - 2 weeks ago

Welcome to a mesmerizing sonic journey that transcends genres and invites you to explore the profound depths of emotion. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to the captivating symphonic synthwave electro composition, "Tears in the Void" by the talented artist Syntrus. Prepare to immerse yourself in a sonic tapestry that will transport you to a realm where melodies and beats intertwine, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

Diving into the Void: As you press play, the evocative sounds of "Tears in the Void" by Syntrus transport you to uncharted sonic territories. The symphonic elements blend seamlessly with the pulsating beats of synthwave and electro, creating a unique and immersive musical experience. With each passing second, you'll find yourself surrendering to the enchanting melodies that lead you deeper into a world filled with raw emotions.

Exploring the Emotional Landscape:

This extraordinary composition serves as a gateway to a landscape teeming with emotional nuances. "Tears in the Void" captivates with its richly layered textures, unveiling a range of feelings that traverse the spectrum from melancholy to hope. It's a journey that embraces the complexities of the human experience, urging you to introspect and connect with your own emotions.

Finding Solace and Inspiration: Within the evocative soundscape of "Tears in the Void" by Syntrus, you'll discover solace and inspiration. The music becomes a conduit, allowing you to express and explore your deepest emotions without uttering a single word. It's an invitation to embrace vulnerability, to let the music guide you through moments of introspection and self-discovery.

Join the Journey: We encourage you to embark on this musical voyage by Syntrus. Engage with "Tears in the Void" and share your thoughts and experiences with fellow listeners. Let Syntrus' unique blend of symphonic, synthwave, and electro elements resonate within you, and perhaps discover new layers of meaning with each listen. Prepare to be captivated by the ethereal harmonies, immersive rhythms, and emotionally charged landscape of "Tears in the Void" by Syntrus. Through this exceptional composition, Syntrus invites you to explore the depths of your own emotions, find solace in the melodies, and embark on a transformative journey. Join the Newgrounds community and experience the magic of "Tears in the Void" by Syntrus today.

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Syntrus /O\


Posted by Syntrus - April 30th, 2023

"Futurescape" is a moody house track that will take you on a journey into a darkness that is both captivating and haunting. With its big brassy segments and Blade Runner-inspired vibes, this track creates an immersive and powerful soundscape that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. For those who struggle with feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated, "Future Scape" offers a powerful escape from the chaos of the world. The electronic beats and atmospheric sounds create a sense of depth and space that can be incredibly calming and grounding, while the haunting and ethereal sounds add a sense of intrigue and mystery. But it's the darkness at the heart of this track that sets it apart and makes it a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the power of music to transport you to another world. So if you're looking for a new addition to your playlist, give "Futurescape" a listen. With its moody house beats, Blade Runner-inspired vibes, and powerful brass segments, it's a track that will take you on a musical journey into a darkness that you won't soon forget.



Posted by Syntrus - April 8th, 2023


In this blogpost

I am announcing the completion of my last project, and moving onto the future

Eyyyy VW/Y



Reflecting on this musical endeavor, I am truly delighted with the significant progress and evolution I have undergone as an artist. This project represents a remarkable milestone of musical mastery, particularly within the realm of chill study beats. The meticulous attention to detail and the tireless pursuit of sonic excellence have resulted in an album that I believe to be unparalleled in its sophistication and artistic merit.


As I move forward in my artistic journey, I draw inspiration from a recent period of seclusion where I immersed myself in the captivating world of CyberPunk 2077 and revisited classic 80s sci-fi films such as Blade Runner and RoboCop. This experience has ignited a creative spark within me, and I am excited to announce that I will be venturing into the realm of synthwave sci-fi music with my next project!

I am thrilled to share with you a sneak peek of my upcoming album, tentatively

titled Future Scape. This project is a fusion of retro-futuristic sounds and contemporary electronic music, designed to transport you to a world of neon-lit

cityscapes and high-tech dystopias. The mesmerizing synths, pulsating beats, and soaring melodies will take you on a journey through a futuristic world where anything is possible.

With this album, I aim to create a sonic experience that captures the essence of the sci-fi classics that inspired me. The combination of vintage synthesizers and modern production techniques results in a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. Whether you're a fan of classic sci-fi or modern electronic music, Future Scape has something for everyone. I invite you

to take a listen to the preview of the album at the link provided. I believe that this project represents a significant step forward in my artistic evolution, and I am excited to share it with the world. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the future with Future Scape!



Posted by Syntrus - February 26th, 2023

Hello Newgrounds, how you been? I’ve been getting messages from friends on the site wondering where I’ve been the last couple weeks? The answer is simple, spiraling out into depression, as what is supposed to be a simple life that earns me money freeing me up for creative pursuits, turns into a hostile and unlivable slog that makes me feel terrible. Enter my song bowneasy part II you make me feel so bad. For this track I used my resentment towards my hood and my day to day life to channel a really authentic musical depiction of my feelings. The growling bass represents the aches and pains from my job where I am asked to lift an unreasonable amount, the repetitive haunting synth lines represent the once great community I live in that is turning more and more ghetto as people in town get more desperate struggle to scrape out a living with ever increasing rents and utilities. The final layer is for that former love in my life who was mostly dating me to get access to my car and money I fell victim to her looks, when she looked at me all she saw was an ATM attached to a vehicle, and she made that tremendously clear when she brought a guy along for our date. For a time I was this Simp slave, hence the robotic vocals, but not anymore, it is time to acknowledge these feelings and share them the best way I know how. Special shout out to my buddy Dan for hooking me up with Serum. Please check out Bowneasy Part II (You Make Me Feel So Bad)

Also there was a bit of controversy recently as I had deleted a song that was front paged and featured on the site, as you can no doubt tell my confidence has been low, so I apologize for deleting it and it was not my intention to upset anyone (that’s the job of you make me feel so bad). The track in question Sipping Tea In The Psychward is still available on bandcamp as part of EEEYVW/Y. The whole album is embedded below. You can still pick up the album for free on bandcamp as I am still utilizing the pay what you want model! I am deeply hopeful that things will improve in my day to day and I think that providing a voice to my pain through my art I will recover!



Posted by Syntrus - January 21st, 2023

I was getting bored of the limitations of just using my keypad and mouse to make music, so I made a hard decision, I sold 98% of my classic video games collection to purchase the akai fire midi controller.


I think it was a great call. I have wasted so much of my life playing video games with nothing to show for it, if points in video games were some sort of crypto we'd all be rich, but since they aren't this is my passion now, music is my passion. I fucking love this thing, I mostly use it in instrument mode, and being able to pick a root note is a brilliant feature. You can hear this thing in action in my newest track bowneasy! go check it out!


Posted by Syntrus - December 29th, 2022

In this Blog post I will talk in brief about my five best songs of the year, I will sip on brandy, smoke a bottom shelf “Cuban Sandwich” cigarillo and muse about why Newgrounds likes these songs, even though I don’t really know, and perhaps if there is time why I don’t know what anyone wants and how I prefer it that way. *cough* *cough* (I take Cigarillos like a bitch) Mainly what I am going to focus on is views since score’s can be arbitrary what I’m interested in is the songs that keep people coming back.

My number one song this year came out on Valentines Day with a whopping 4145 listens on NG and seeing as it is an NG exclusive, (songs I don’t release on streaming or bandcamp) it is surprising the reception it has gotten “The Sensations Of Love”

It's remarkably complex in it’s scope of being a romantic song, I am not altogether certain I understand love. This song really does go with my theme and overall narrative where I am represented by this lost robot archetype trying to gain control over this world because of its insecurities of being alone. You can really hear this lack of understanding of that feeling of love, even though it is still in essence a song meant to be romantic. This tragic battle I guess must’ve resonated with this community as it really did translate to some attention from many of you around Valentines. Thank you!

 My next best song and the only song with lyrics on this list is called Stabbin A Pimp a Newgrounds Exclusive

I am not surprised at all that this whacko song is popular on Newgrounds being a user here for so long, I really have gotten a sense of the screwed-up comedy this site craves. I don’t know, this was legit just a shit post about banging some dude’s mom at work that spiraled out of control when I went and talked shit about him to my NG friends over on Discord. I’m glad ya’ll enjoyed it! That dude’s mom is a ho and I had to kidnap her and stab a pimp to prove to my dead father I’m not a homosexual. There is a lot to love in this song, maybe I can write romance songs.

The next track is a total tonal shift from the first two it’s a psychological thriller called “Lone Lasergunman” once again a Pornhub (sorry force of habit) Newgrounds Exclusive.   

I remember watching the X Files around the time I made this song, and reading reviews about Cyberpunk 2077 (I never did buy that game because I’m a wage slave and I hated the music in that game), and I guess some of the ideas sort of meshed together into this composition. “They are going to Lone Gunman Mulder” said Scully because Mulder was acting particularly schizophrenic in this episode, and it seemed like he was going to off someone because of the influence others had over him, add to that the gritty anime genre “cyber punk” and you have the background for this track. Enjoy!

This next song is all about the hype surrounding the local sports team when they are in the playoffs!

Designed as a sort of stadium rocker song, this track has a growling bass line a tough ass rocker beat and an anxiety inducing synth organ, that’ll make you spill your popcorn. Too bad I couldn’t transfer this energy into the Calgary Flames dressing room, they ultimately lost to the damn Oilers! A big wish of mine is to one day have this song played on a major sporting events sound system! That would be kickass.  

Next up the Seed of Underbelly, Newgrounds Exclusive DON’T TYPE A PORNSITE BEFORE EXCLUSIVE SYNTRUS

This track builds on the proven formula Lone Lasergunman establishes but leans heavier into the Film Noir aspects of the “Cyber Punk” genre. While Lone Laser Gunman was about an assassination the Seed of Underbelly is about the bar full of likely suspects nearby as they flee. I really enjoyed playing around with the MS 20 solo lead in this track, it was my child, and as my child it was a handful and required a lot of care and love and filtering particularly int the high end range with EQ, but  in the end I became the proud Papa

These songs and more are part of the Syntrus musical story, and I think there is an overall narrative to all these tracks the NG community has selected, some sort of hopelessly in love schizophrenic with delusions of stabbing pimps, made into a lone laser gun man in the year 2077 by the illuminati, because they didn't like the outcome of a sports game at the seedy bar they were all attending. I hope you enjoyed it! If you liked these songs please consider donating to feed clothe and house the person that made these audio works here


In case I don’t see you in the discords or chats Happy New Years!

Your Pal Syntrus! 



Posted by Syntrus - November 7th, 2022


Dream Killers

 First up is the most important question, who is it for? The correct answer to this question regardless of field and content is, it’s for you. I see it time and time again some hot shot shit head with an English lit degree or some other unmarketable skill come on to the scene with no content and nothing to offer because he (or she or whatever) doesn’t do the necessary digital masturbation that is content creation, what they choose to do is come on the scene and tear others down before they even have anything of their own to show, these shit head types are often diagnosed by the content creator with various mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia, gender dysphoria or autism or given some sort of new world PC term like “troll” or “critic” in order to disregard them. The correct term for these mofuckas is dream killers and to quote some foo foo vagina ass blog I was reading. “the biggest dream killer is you.” Think about it, yes, there will always be negative people on the internet with a spectrum of opinions about your content yes everyone is in different stages of their development in terms of quality of content; but it is a conscious decision for you to take their stupid opinion and apply it to your project. I’m not saying don’t take criticism, I am saying consider the source and don’t just follow whatever bullshit advice is given to you. That’s my advice. By understanding that your content is for you (providing there isn’t some fat cat fuck paying for your soul) this is your party and you decide what the fuck you make and what is good. Before you start making shit for other people, you have to start making shit for you so you know what you can and can’t do and what it is that makes you.

2) Success

Success in this game in this niche space this is not something that is instant, this is a slog, this is going in every day and working over your hot computer too make sure your post pregnancy sonic fan art picture has the perfect amount of glisten on the afterbirth. As a society everyone has this false belief that “oh I just draw sonic doing tails up the bum and post it on the internet and I’ll be famous” but drawing Sonic is a fucking skill and you are going to fail, you are going to struggle, and the best way to deal with that tall order is to take it and break it down into smaller steps, and work at it every day, or when you have time, no one rational expects themselves to be an overnight success give yourself a break. Some people go their whole lives without ever actually making anything comparable to the great ones but their commitment to going in every day and drawing their subpar fan fic of sonic (or making a movie sending a rocket to the moon or curing cancer or whatever) is what makes them a legend.


3) Notoriety

Notoriety is a completely different skill from content creation, it is a skill that complements content creation like jelly to content creations peanut butter, not everyone knows how to get it not everyone wants it, not everyone that has knows how they got it. I’m still learning about fame (I’m still a small fish) so ask back again when I figure it out and am famous enough to ignore you. 

Check out my latest album on bandcamp!!



Posted by Syntrus - October 23rd, 2022

Overlord (newgrounds.com)

Am I ready to release this and start showing it to industry types? I'm not sure it's completly done. I feel as though the story has reached its zenith. I was very choosey in terms of songs and levels of production, and I put a lot more songs with lyrics on to this release so far. What are your thoughts NG?



Posted by Syntrus - September 26th, 2022

Hello Newgrounds,

Let me tell you what I've been up to lately in terms of my upcoming album "Overlord", formerly known as the "Gerald Finegrooves LP", I decided to change the albums name to "Overlord" because it lines up better with the content and general vibe of the musical pieces therein which all have some sort of element of the central themes of "Power and Control". After a lengthy period of time, I was able to generate my OC "the Syntrus Robot" over on Night Cafe with the prompt "Album Art of an Evil Golden Robot Overlord with One Eye and a Triangular Head Retro Sci Fi 8K".


I think he's looks dreamy...but the ai fucked up it's mouth a little. I know using this tool is a little sacrilegious to a lot of you, but I just remembered that I don't really give a shit.

My newer release Interstellar Interstate is intended as an interlude, and I know I've told a number of you that I was going to do lyrics on every track but a lot of my favorite albums are very instrumental heavy, and I think it breaks up the album a little bit and facilitates the telling of story through space rock. I leaned heavy on the Cherry Audio Miniverse a really good Moog Model D software clone. So far it seems to be pretty popular, and I like the mix.


Unlike together before a few hours ago where I retooled the mix.


I sought out the opinion of other qualified musicians and producers to try and figure out what about it was bugging me so much, something I learned from college where I majored in broadcast production was to "get more ears on it when you're unsure what's wrong with it." So a member of the NG community and somone I consider a mentor @AliceMako was able to detect that the high end wasn't as smooth on this release of the song and I was able to pot down on the high end of the EQ and correct the mix, thank goodness, that shit was driving me nuts.

I am in the process of discovering my inner poet and I'm thinking of polishing off a couple of ol beats to rap over Starling City 2021 and Post Dr.Pepper



If any of you have any links or titles to books or articles that have helped

you write lyrics please let me know.

This WIP is coming along quite nicely check it out here.




Posted by Syntrus - September 11th, 2022

It is very challenging to make an honest to god hip hop album, I feel that I am chipping away at it, I am speaking my mind, and overall the result is pretty good. Making lyrical hip hop is very different from the robotic scifi instrumentals I'm known for and it has really gotten me out of my comfort zone. I'm not use to saying shit, I like the awkward silences shared between people that know each other, when I make instrumental music it is an exploration of that awkward space for me. Lately I've been a bit anxious, as I always am when the fall starts up, the leaves are changing color and falling, and there is always this un easy feeling as the plant life begins to die. I can't wear white anymore, so I can't have a canvas for all the abstract mustard stains my love of hot dogs creates, it also doesn't feel right to eat hot dogs as bbq season is behind us. I don't know what it is but fall is always so tragic. My creative process isn't at all helped by the increase in production at work, but trust me I'm working my ass off trying to come up with content for you for this LP in my spare time!

Check Out My Progess Here