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Posted by Syntrus - 12 days ago


In an increasingly divisive world, we remember the words and actions of those that taught us, those that nurtured our ideas while our ideas were still forming, no one encapsulates mentorship more than @flashburn in my music journey, not even my first formal jr. high and high school music teachers. If you are not familiar with Flashburn please go and visit his Newgrounds page his Bandcamp and his YouTube, you'll note the great creativity which he shows in his musical projects particularly in Atlantis I've never heard anything like it before. Flashburn taught me how to use FL Studio when I was 12 while I was visiting his younger brother at his family home, he let me mooch off his license for FL Studio for three years, and he showed me some of the basic techniques of Techno Trance and Dance Music. A lot of the "basics" Flashburn taught me were in the area of musical style such as where the snare hits go, what basslines look and sound like in electronic music, you can still hear this influence in my recently front paged track Hard Won Victory If there was no Flashburn there would be no Syntrus, hell there would be no Drew Adams (me IRL). If I hadn't taken such an interest in FL Studio I would never have taken an interest in audio, I would never have gone to college to feed that curiosity, I would never learned to use Adobe Audition to make commercials, and news, I would never had gotten the hands on time with professional mixers, microphones, and cameras and I would never have gotten the opportunity to work as a NHL broadcast tech in Canada (where the competition for that job is fiercest). Just that one little push from a family friend lead me down a very interesting life path, which leads me to today where Flashburn and I are releasing the first trial run of our youtube show. Flashburn was kind enough to bring me on as co host after my contract with the NHL failed to renew, he hired me to use what I learned as a broadcaster and help build this wonderful new program "The Flashburn and Syntrus Show" it's still a little rough around the edges, but we are hoping to build on this first alpha, and even get more musicians involved. At the time of writing this the show preview will premiere in 14hours, I am incredibly nervous, and excited for your feedback!

Shooting words at you!




Posted by Syntrus - September 21st, 2020

Hey everybody I got new glasses. A friend of mine said they got Music Composer vibes, but I think it is more like a Peter Griffin.


What do you guys think of my new glasses??

Be sure to check out Action Grooves my WIP on bandcamp!


Posted by Syntrus - September 10th, 2020

Results are in, so I was talking to some art pals of mine, and we came up with a scenario for my character "Syntrus Bot", what if the Syntrus Robot was invited into the Jewish faith? Well that would require a Britt Milah! So I said let's make it interesting, $20 to the best artists depiction of Synbot's "covenant of circumcision" or Briss. I am very pleased to share with you depictions of what is a beautiful ceremony in ones spiritual life, and not something we ought to throw labels like "anti-semitic" , or "hate crime" at. (NSFW) Besides Family Guy does anti-Semitic shit all the time, so before you cancel me you better cancel them you white bread, alt left, SJW, cat pee smelling portion of my audience. This also doubles as a Syntrus bot gender reveal party: *starts sobbing* "look at what they've done to my beautiful boy! "

First of all judging this was a pain in the ass, I think all of these artists are amazing, so I actually had to DM a buddy who was too busy at his job selling houses, redlining neighborhoods and doing cocaine, so I texted my other buddy, who is on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic and was busy saving lives, so I dm'd another buddy who was also at work but on a break so he had time to rank them.

1st Place A Joyous Occasion @Joe-Mega Prize: $20 US


Joe really understands the language and culture of the oldskool internet, not only is his submission the most tasteful, but his art style is reminiscent of @RomeoJR , one of my absolute favorite animators. Joe's Slime OC also made an appearance to help celebrate his friends special day!

2nd place Circumsyntrus @LobsterMango Prize: A tip of my Fedoraiu_166391_1421890.jpg

Reminiscent of Spazkid or oldskool @Egoraptor (back when Arin had a sense of humour), I really got a kick out of the level of detail and the screw as the dick head, and the gears as balls. Really brings new life to the phrase "this grinds my gears" or "Let's Screw". After this one released I got a dm from @Phenorax exclaiming "Care to explain this Bugs Bunny bullshit that´s lying before my very own eyes?" I feel like this art really reached him, the art was then promptly deleted by it's creator.

3rd place Syntrus Magical Circumcision @Pyronator Prize: An expired Tim Hortons coupon that's only good in Canada.


This looks like a cartoon out of the New Yorker, it just needs a caption. My lawyers tell me that if I caption it I will never get booked for a paid gig again. :D Excellent work!

Thanks for reading and looking and listening. Be sure to check out Action Grooves my WIP on bandcamp!



Posted by Syntrus - August 30th, 2020

Hello Newgrounds, sup? @tomfulp

I have been working incredibly hard, and I think it's time I share the fruits of my labor with you.

I know from @psychogoldfish's @xinxinix 's Newgrounds Block Party, that some of you get easily distracted reposting memes about drinking @Luis 's piss but please bear with me.

First of all if you haven't already checked out the @joe-mega Syntrus fan art for robot day then you are in for a treat. Joe has an incredible imagination and has built some tremendous lore for the character.




Second: I have recently released a sort of greatest hits to Spotify, and other streaming services called "Now with More Pulp"

with art by @pepperoni-ravioli Click here to check it out!! it's sure to please, Pepperoni's contribution to the Syntrus robot's lore is that of a friendly juice salesman, something very sinister must be going on at Syntrus juice co.

I have also been incredibly busy these past four months working on bandcamp releases! Which for some reason have massive space between them in the embed codes, so instead I'll link them.

Bitches the Indie Future Funk / Vaporwave darling

The Computer Wizard the Simpsonswave musical fanfic written from the perspective of Milhouse

Action Grooves a work in progress Cinematic Funk EP

Last but certainly not least I provided the music for @LobsterMango 's/ @Pyronator 's NEO GEO Jam submission "Breeze Jammers"

I think it's time I take off my headphones and listen to what my Mom has been screaming at me about, and maybe even do the unthinkable and go outside and walk around, hopefully the sun is kind to my pale skin, and my computer monitor strained eyes don't turn to dust. Hopefully I don't catch this trendy disease the news media has been talking about, hopefully I don't accidentally walk by a protest and get gassed, hopefully I don't catch on fire due to global warming and that developing magnetic field anomaly over south and central America. Who knows? All I know is that it has been an absolute pleasure working on all of this content, with all of these artists working on the visuals, and my hope is you will enjoy these projects as much as I have enjoyed them from the safety of my home computer!

Oh and shout outs to @flashburn for his counsel throughout all these projects!

dictated not read

Evil Robot




Posted by Syntrus - August 25th, 2020

Check it out you guys I'm on Spotify!!!!!

Posted by Syntrus - August 23rd, 2020

200 persons are now following me on Newgrounds! This is an exciting moment in my time as a creator and I would like to thank all of you who decided I was worthy of your feed, and therefore your ears. I have been screwing around on this site for some time and I have seen it's creators grow and change, come and go, and I think it is a wonderful pond to be a fish in. This past year has been so successful for me on Newgrounds that it has bled over to other websites, the mods by front paging a number of my songs have helped me get my first real shot at the wider audience on this website, which gave me the confidence to finally put my music out there for sale and as a result of this I have my first record sales ever on Bandcamp. Thank you all so much!

Check out my latest below!



Posted by Syntrus - August 13th, 2020

What would Milhouse's music sound like if he followed in his Dad's footsteps and started making music? "Computer Wizard" by yours truly seeks to answer this question. Enjoy my fan fic ya'll.



Posted by Syntrus - July 17th, 2020

The day has finally arrived, I have finished the video for Bitches and put it up on youtube, big ups to potatoman for creating the rotating King Arthur statue element and sorry I made it blink and flicker out of reality. I'm sure the fact that it flickers once will piss people off, but that's arts role... to challenge society. With that downtempo out of the way I'm clear to try other things with my music. Lately I have been experimenting with more of a retro sound and seeing where it goes. When I made...

Computer Wizard, I had no intention of creating a sequel, but I noticed @Rig s return to the website, and a certain heavy rock influence washed over the population of NG audio artists, to keep up with the cool kids I made a rock/synthwave inspired follow up to Computer Wizard. Which was front paged by a mod, thanks NG :D

Lately I have been thinking that this rock, synthwave, house hybrid could be it's own genre, and I settled on a name for it.

"Thrillhouse". I mean Bandcamp has many many artist made genres for the cool hipsters to talk about, why not make an NG made genre, whilst also making Milhouse into a meme? A full rundown of how I made Computer Wizard II will be coming soon, so you to can make Thrillhouse.

I hope you are all keeping well in your various communities. These are challenging times, but with good music, good humor, graphics that phase out of reality, and memes that are not allowed to be memes... we will survive!


Posted by Syntrus - June 28th, 2020

Calgary, Alberta Canada 

Syntrus announces his new Album Bitches

For Immediate release

Syntrus is stoaked to announce the release of Bitches, a chill corporate wave, and lofi hiphop, heroes journey, featuring the two Newgrounds.com front page songs Vague 2.0 and The Pit in Sarras. Long time flash game soundtrack creator Syntrus takes us on an audible heroes journey, taking the listener from the digital world to the psych ward, and forward onto the sangreal.


Posted by Syntrus - May 21st, 2020

Leave the cult refers to an actual run in I had with a cult discord group masquerading as an audio collective. The leader whom I suspect was suffering from psychosis, published a book claiming he was god. He would demand people hate rate tens of thousands of audio submissions on Newgrounds.com, and he was a real abusive asshole to anyone that made him feel threatened in his leadership, or his self proclaimed divinity, he had a real David Miscavige type personality. (although it is only alleged that David Miscavige is like that please don't hunt me down Scientologists) Eventually he was kicked off of Newgrounds, but I still see people defending him. My advice to these people is to leave the cult. I'm going to leave out his user name, so as to not draw more people in to his cycle of abuse, and methodology of control.

Leave the cult will be included on my album "Bitches" which will be published on bandcamp in the coming months You can listen to the albums progress with links to YouTube and NG below.