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Posted by Syntrus - 3 weeks ago

If you haven't already done so please read part one as it is crucial reading for understanding this post. In summary I began an investigation into this review by the silent account @jasoncore.iu_81815_1421890.png

My investigation was launched to ascertain the truth of jasoncores claims, did somone in a porn video send users to this song I posted to Newgrounds back in June? Or better yet was this song used in a pornographic video or game?

In my previous post I attempted to ascertain the truth by pming a few of the users that liked my song; this yielded no results. This time I am taking a look at the metrics of the song, by analyzing the user profiles of 11 or so people that favourited Brainfluid to see if any of them happened to favourite or comment on a porn video which included my song. I searched long and hard, it was exhausting, and what I can tell you is that the users that liked the track, largely like the pornographic part of newgrounds, and are proud enough of what makes them hot and bothered that they are willing to favorite these smutty submissions. What other people may consider shameful; these people put on display, god bless these people. This leads to the new question, why? Why is my song a success among the adult only crowd? "Is it because it sounds like a robot jizzing?"


Whatever the case, the Audio Portal as a whole is in a sort of cold war between voice actresses and musicians as they compete with each other for portal supremacy. There is even rumblings that over in the mod forum a certain power dubstep musician has been linked to inflammatory comments about a sexy voice actress creator. Here I am with my accidental sex music, what will the other musicians think? What will the voice actresses think? Please will somebody love me!! *starts crying*

I'm getting off topic here.

You came here for an update on my investigation, not to see a grown man cry. All I have is my theory: I think @jasoncore must've clicked a users name in the comments section of a porn video on newgrounds and I was among that users favorites and that's how @jasoncore got to brainfluid.

Check out Brainfluid on bandcamp!

@ZStriefel @ninjamuffin99 @KingStarman @Kajenx



Posted by Syntrus - December 2nd, 2019

According to some random user @jasoncore my track Brain Fluid was heard or suggested in the comments section of some kind of a porno. iu_73953_1421890.png

Naturally I launched a formal investigation into the alleged claims DMing some of the users that favorited the track. One of the users, who shall remain anonymous for their protection, responded. When I queried to the user "How did you first hear my track Brainfluid some guy said he heard it in a porno or something like that, did you hear it in a porno?", the user responded: Kind of a weird thing to ask, but sure, I'll roll with it. Lol No, I did not hear it in a porno."

After this badgering of my fanbase yielded no results, I was quick to post my track on 4chan's /B/ and ask if anyone had heard this song in a porno? Unfortunatly a Jani on 4chan quickly 404'd my post, tits or gtfo. After that I asked around in some discords and over on NG chat. I told them that a lot of the users that favorited Brain Fluid liked Hentai. One of the users googled "Syntrus Hentai" for me, which netted this result ; however I was already aware of hentyper as it came out way back when I was 16 and was still formally composing educational porn game soundtracks. So now here we are in the investigation, at a dead end, and I'm at my lowest point, asking the general public for help. Have any of you heard my obscure song Brain Fluid in a porno? If so please comment below..

Brainfluid is availible on Bandcamp on it's own as a single and as part of my short EP "The Mall Goth EP" Go check it out!


Posted by Syntrus - November 26th, 2019

I want to reduce my music for this year on newgrounds to just the ones I like the most, and the ones that performed well, but I risk upsetting those of you that took time out to listen to and comment on the music, or even download the music. So I'm not sure what to do, I have gotten so much great feedback this year, and I feel like I have really defined my sound and stood out from the mainstream of this website with my experimental electro. The curse of the experimentation is that sometimes a song won't quite work commercially, or if I'm trying to show my best works users may get turned off by risks I have inevitably had to take as I try things in other songs.

@pitbulljones maybe you could weigh in here, you've been very helpful to me when assessing my music, and you're another experimenter. Keep all the music up? Or best songs only?


Posted by Syntrus - November 25th, 2019

I want you to do me a favour. If you listen to this and favorite, I’ll go listen to yours and favorite. This message is perfect. We can even have a meeting if you publicly announce that you are investigating @flashburn and his dope music in your news feed.


Posted by Syntrus - November 24th, 2019

Posted by Syntrus - November 12th, 2019

I’m trying to compile my best possible tracks from this year over on Bandcamp, and I’m not sure which ones to go with. Please help by giving my songs on Newgrounds a listen, and do leave a comment on the ones you like. Link to my bandcamp here.

Posted by Syntrus - November 8th, 2019

Go check out Tunnel Base on bandcamp!

Posted by Syntrus - November 3rd, 2019

My best song of the year is now up and available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Starling City is a great track, it is a slow jam with a nice balance to it.

Check it out here!

Posted by Syntrus - November 2nd, 2019

my best track of the year if you ask me

Posted by Syntrus - August 16th, 2019