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Syntrus's News

Posted by Syntrus - 7 days ago

Cocaine Deal got it's start here on Newgrounds, I made it one day while I was really cold and sick with a mild cold and the furnace was out. I was thinking like what if I were scoring some old 80s Miami Vice type show? What would that sound like? Am I able to do it convincingly? I had many attempts none of which were heard by anyone but me. they were shit, getting that tropical mother fucking bass to sound good, and getting that um... heat yea... heat... on the synths was difficult, I listened to a lot of the songs from the real Miami Vice, but they weren't all that helpful...but shit, dude! when I figured out the trick to it, I realized it was very complicated and difficult, and I have been unable to replicate the success of this awesome song and it's pissing me off how awesome it is.

Check it out below! and please consider sending a loonie my way eh?

Cocaine Deal on Spotify Cocaine Deal on Apple Music



Posted by Syntrus - November 18th, 2021


Posted by Syntrus - November 7th, 2021

What's up newgrounds? Sorry I haven't been in the discords life is fucking rough gotta balance two jobs and my family and everything else, but I finally managed to put the finishing touches on king arthur..

An audible electro collection of emotions about moving, changing and forming my kingdom. Vektroid writes about Powdered Drink Mix: this song is rad. it kinda sounds like if you put dam-funk and my early stuff as vektroid in a blender and then just gave it the dankest kick/snare ever

featuring art elements by @Potatoman this album is the very height of creativity! Come listen to a dank ass album to pop a couple benzos with and just space out into your fantasy kingdom, and be sure to purchase to make sure you get access to all of the songs. King Arthur | Syntrus (bandcamp.com)




Posted by Syntrus - October 16th, 2021


What up my bots, well I've been mother fucking busy, moving out of my moms house and working two jobs, but I managed to scrape out two more tracks to the King Arthur Album King Arthur (newgrounds.com)

The first The Fisher King A chill moody song invoking arthurian imagery of a king that is mortally wounded in the dick.

The Second Lemon Balm which is an herb King Arthur used after getting his fuck on or something.

Please go and check em out.

In other news I may have Covid, I am currently isolating at home wondering if I'll die, waiting for my test results, I have the friggen vaccine so maybe I won't die. man my throat hurts this fucks.

Thanks for visiting please check out my album, I am looking for album art creators at this time if interested drop me a dm.


Felt cute may delete later


Posted by Syntrus - September 11th, 2021


Hello my bots. I am here briefly to tell you about my latest project King Arthur, so far it is three tracks long and I am working through my musicians writers block to try to come up with the next three. The album art is okay, but still a work in progress. iu_415097_1421890.webp

the whole damn thing is a work in progress.. one of the things that is taking the wind out of my sails (I'm a ship in this metaphor) is the amazing quality of the three tracks , everything I have created so far to follow them up sucks by comparison. (my ship blows your mom sucks)

Anyways King Arthur (newgrounds.com) check it out!


Posted by Syntrus - August 29th, 2021

Hello Newgrounds community! What is going down with my bots? iu_403296_1421890.webp

I thought it would be appropriate to go into my music and what I have been up to lately creatively. I have been moving towards making my music more accessible to income streams, for my inevitable world takeover via kidnapping of Bill Gates, and swapping his brain with an orangutan, and making the world population sterile by putting melatonin in various flavored milks, but I did manage to squeeze out a couple of singles, while I was lactating, for your enjoyment!

1st is Powdered Drink Mix, my love letter to Dr. Dre and Giorgio Morodor it's sort of a electro funk thing, I don't know fuck you shut up.

Next up is Portable Power, which is a retro future market vibe kind of thing, people keep telling me it sounds like a Wuhan Wet Market, after consulting with my international marketer I have no knowledge as to what they are referencing, glory to Peoples Republic of China.

Please Follow Me on Spotify!!!

In IRL non schizo posty news: lately I've been busy as all hell at my warehouse job, as people habitually purchase things online after being cooped up for so long, here in Alberta we are easing restrictions, and life is surely going back to normal. If you liked the music in this blog post please drop me a loonie or two over on teh bandcamps. :D

Evil Robot




Posted by Syntrus - August 15th, 2021

It is Triothy Day you guys!!!! HOLY MOLY!

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Posted by Syntrus - August 14th, 2021


What up my bots!

It's been a tumultuous week, steeped in disarray. I have finally done the full release of boner pills across all sorts of websites. This Instrumental ep answers the question no one asked "What do erectile dysfunction drugs sound like to an idoser?" and the answer is a chill ez high. A high perfect for the act of love making, or studying, or "studying". When I was in college I had this roommate whomst had relations with 9 women at once, I have never felt more jealous and alone. Please enjoy the upside of my shame.

Boner Pills

Remember school is going to be back in session soon, soon it will be time to study, you will need me and my chill study beats.

dictated not read -Syntrus the evil robot


Posted by Syntrus - July 29th, 2021

Boner Pills | Syntrus (bandcamp.com)

What's up Syntrus Army!


Big shout outs to @lobstermango for this dope ass art and concept of my fanbase!

Guess what you bots? if you are reading this on July 29th it's my birthday! I'm 32, holy shit right? I'm an old ass robot now running an old ass OS while the world changes around me shaking nervously as the hip shit I loved goes out of style... here I am still here posting my chill ass beats to Newgrounds, and my latest track Ginseng should be releasing real soon, and I am feeling good about my next release, speaking of which @Staggernight hooked me up with an early birthday present in the form of album art for my upcoming project, check it out here: BONER PILLSiu_371511_1421890.webp

He tells me it's really hip right now, I'm not sure why....

be sure to check out boner pills here: https://syntrusyyc.bandcamp.com/album/boner-pills



Posted by Syntrus - July 3rd, 2021