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Syntrus's News

Posted by Syntrus - July 5th, 2022

Man this track slaps, it was largely inspired by the Futurama episode Bendaid, I did that folk rap rock kind of a thing with my vocals and choice in analog synths vsts! check it out on bandcamp now!!



Posted by Syntrus - June 25th, 2022

Blog post on the plane to Toronto Meet Up 

Thoughts From The Plane

Hey these seats are pretty swanky I must’ve either hit the wrong button or mom must be some muckety muck in the airplane points collection world. Normally I ride on the wing of the plane gremlin class, so this is a big upgrade. I may just want to stay on the plane and skip the meet up…. If it weren’t for the imperative importance of my journalism.

I can’t wait to go to downtown Toronto and distribute my pamphlets with my alternative theories on the John Diefenbaker assassination (it wasn’t a heart attack) and if there is time meet up with some friends from Newgrounds, and some people I thought may be friends but have been downgraded to acquaintances, I hope to re upgrade them in my grand list of friends after meeting them IRL, but I sincerely doubt that will happen because of my obvious let’s call them “personality quirks”. Of course this is post the usual pat down I get from the good people at Garda when they match my medications up to their little chart, don’t worry I was certain to be liberal with my lube as is Canadian tradition when you’re taking it from the federal government (It’s pride week after all.) In my carry on is a little tablet a Syntrus T-shirt (so I don’t get stains on it) and other necessities for the dystopian cronenberg inspired hell scape that is Toronto, better known as “hog town” to the rest of the country, and “Canada” to Americans, Yep with a major basketball team, a major baseball team, and stop and frisk in minority neighborhoods you’ll have all the comforts of home. Toronto of course not only known for its vanity and it’s racism but also for the CN Tower I imagine many of these newgrounds regulars after witnessing the majesty will go to the gift shop get models and try to shove the sharp pointy bits up eachothers asses not because they’re gay and I’m some sort of midwestern Canadian homophobic (it’s pride week) but because they are basically animals and animals do that sort of a thing, and according to the age on the box they are old enough to play with the models as they see fit, so I’ve set my expectations in a place that I think is fair..  I’m sorry eh, I’m probably projecting my anxieties, you see, I’m pretty sure my jealous stalker that calls himself “God,”you guys know the dude, he’s from Hamilton, he is going to roll up in a van discounted because well it is pride week, and kill us all, as Toronto is just a short trip away for him, since he said something to that effect on the NG forums when I was 15, and since the meetup was mentioned publicly by a very famous person, but that’s probably not going to happen right? and if it does? It’s not going to happen for another 4-5 hours, and as my friends are often quick to remind me “what the hell were you really doing with your life anyway?” You know what forget aboot it it’s nothing, he probably won’t get a discount on the van to roll up here and murder us, and you know what else? that’s what’s wrong with this country, if a gay man suffering from psychosis wants to get a van and run over me and all my acquaintances from the internet and can’t get a discount because he’s gay, then motherfuck equality. Forgive me I’m pregaming pretty hard and I’m pretty sure this is what the Ford brothers call a stupor. 

On a very serious note it’s so nice of Henry Eyes’s family to extend a welcome to all of us who are grieving and attend his celebration of life, Henry was a creator on Newgrounds that touched all of our hearts. 


Be sure to check out my album “the atmosphere” now out on spotify! I know you guys love it when I spam my links! :D 

Lobstermango and Tacopug and Daemon say hi!



Posted by Syntrus - June 11th, 2022


From a smelly formerly nice basement suite somewhere crack heads gather in Calgary, comes “The Atmosphere” by Syntrus the loveable evil robot. Hear the synth progressions of warped mind, and twisted soul. Stab or be stabbed! The Atmosphere an auditory treat for creatives everywhere. 



Posted by Syntrus - April 22nd, 2022

The Atmosphere Production Blog

A lot of tracks have been created for work in progress album “The Atmosphere” and a lot of them have been found to break the overall vibe of the piece, as I got distracted and just kind of ran with it. When creating music, in order to fight writers block, you need to suppress the inner critic and finish every song. An album should tell a cohesive story, so now that a bunch of the songs are finished, I can call upon the inner critic. When it comes to “The Atmosphere” I think it is very much so a sci fi type of a story.  Music can express what these clumsy words cannot, which in my daily life is sort of a heightened feeling of generalized anxiety, everything that happens to me particularly the negative things that happen to me, they get amplified and inserted into the creations. The two new tracks to the atmosphere are explained in brief below

In the case of my new track Speculative Reality (newgrounds.com) I have been able to get feelings of anxiety around scenery (I think some dude and his friends in a red car are stalking me, I’m pretty sure he’s not but I don’t know.) and turn them into a bit of a club music song. Using AI based plugin Brain Brain - ADSR Sounds I was able to create fairly complex synth sounds that mimic those of an older synthesizer and tweak the settings until I got a horn section and a bass drone out of the bitch.

In the case of my other new track Evasion Evasion (newgrounds.com) I was able to dig into the project bones of Cocaine Deal (newgrounds.com)and make a suspenseful funk track, largely relying of modifications of sounds on the Triton VST TRITON / TRITON Extreme for Mac/Win - MUSIC WORKSTATION | KORG (USA)

Please check out my progress below!

The Atmosphere (newgrounds.com)


Posted by Syntrus - April 2nd, 2022

April 2nd 2022 Calgary


I have finally created the ultimate Power Dad song, with the aid of the talented @Joe-Mega!

I wrote this song about this girl I used to hang out with and love and pine for, and when I was with her she made me feel alone. That pain, that feeling never left me, and this song it is like a therapy, but with out the side effects, or the psycholologist telling me I'm crazy. Please go listen and rate and purchase at the links below!

Syntrus OUT!


Posted by Syntrus - January 17th, 2022

Cocaine Deal got it's start here on Newgrounds, I made it one day while I was really cold and sick with a mild cold and the furnace was out. I was thinking like what if I were scoring some old 80s Miami Vice type show? What would that sound like? Am I able to do it convincingly? I had many attempts none of which were heard by anyone but me. they were shit, getting that tropical mother fucking bass to sound good, and getting that um... heat yea... heat... on the synths was difficult, I listened to a lot of the songs from the real Miami Vice, but they weren't all that helpful...but shit, dude! when I figured out the trick to it, I realized it was very complicated and difficult, and I have been unable to replicate the success of this awesome song and it's pissing me off how awesome it is.

Check it out below! and please consider sending a loonie my way eh?

Cocaine Deal on Spotify Cocaine Deal on Apple Music



Posted by Syntrus - November 18th, 2021


Posted by Syntrus - November 7th, 2021

What's up newgrounds? Sorry I haven't been in the discords life is fucking rough gotta balance two jobs and my family and everything else, but I finally managed to put the finishing touches on king arthur..

An audible electro collection of emotions about moving, changing and forming my kingdom. Vektroid writes about Powdered Drink Mix: this song is rad. it kinda sounds like if you put dam-funk and my early stuff as vektroid in a blender and then just gave it the dankest kick/snare ever

featuring art elements by @Potatoman this album is the very height of creativity! Come listen to a dank ass album to pop a couple benzos with and just space out into your fantasy kingdom, and be sure to purchase to make sure you get access to all of the songs. King Arthur | Syntrus (bandcamp.com)




Posted by Syntrus - October 16th, 2021


What up my bots, well I've been mother fucking busy, moving out of my moms house and working two jobs, but I managed to scrape out two more tracks to the King Arthur Album King Arthur (newgrounds.com)

The first The Fisher King A chill moody song invoking arthurian imagery of a king that is mortally wounded in the dick.

The Second Lemon Balm which is an herb King Arthur used after getting his fuck on or something.

Please go and check em out.

In other news I may have Covid, I am currently isolating at home wondering if I'll die, waiting for my test results, I have the friggen vaccine so maybe I won't die. man my throat hurts this fucks.

Thanks for visiting please check out my album, I am looking for album art creators at this time if interested drop me a dm.


Felt cute may delete later


Posted by Syntrus - September 11th, 2021


Hello my bots. I am here briefly to tell you about my latest project King Arthur, so far it is three tracks long and I am working through my musicians writers block to try to come up with the next three. The album art is okay, but still a work in progress. iu_415097_1421890.webp

the whole damn thing is a work in progress.. one of the things that is taking the wind out of my sails (I'm a ship in this metaphor) is the amazing quality of the three tracks , everything I have created so far to follow them up sucks by comparison. (my ship blows your mom sucks)

Anyways King Arthur (newgrounds.com) check it out!