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Posted by Syntrus - 1 month ago

Posted by Syntrus - December 16th, 2018

Not only do I take comissions, but I happen to have access to an entire discord full of electronic music and urban hip hop heavy weights for your musical needs, I also have a vast network of musicians vetted for excellence that I can connect you to, we operate outside of the usual suspects with their weird stupid hang ups of "tuning music to the universe"  and "normalizing everything" .  Trust me there are some weirdos out there that will take your money and not deliver. 

Combined we have many years of media experience and musical expermentation under our belts. We don't do midi rips, we write our notation right on to the grid. As we are a DIY movement our rates are reasonable, depending on project scale. We mainly specialize in electro synthwave progressive house and EDM, however we are expanding our network and skillset to encapsulate other urban, rock, and even comedy based genres.


Creator of Operation Flying Blue Heron

Posted by Syntrus - December 6th, 2018

I've become a senile old internet grandpa, but let me try my best to help you guys, because I see a morality problem with the core user base the old guard, the ride or die NGers that needs to be addressed. These are my pitches for rules loose guidlines on how to better engage with people. 

1) Don't go after people for things they are born with. 

2) There is no right way to be.


3) Stop using your tragedy circumstances as armour, build armour around your tragedy. ( I am very guilty of this) 


4) Practice your craft everyday


5) Music/Art/Flash/Comedy/Drama should not be correct. Once you free yourself from the idea of it being correct it can be anything. 


6) Don’t be Deadmau5 (I mean by all means try to make music like Deadmau5 just don’t become Deadmau5 in mentality if you are a DIY musician.)


7) Don't go to internet trolls like me with your emotional problems they'll/we''ll destroy you. 

8) Everything is beautiful if you would just open your damn eyes, be like that dude on that one simpsons, marges art teacher. Yea sure not everyone can paint Ringo like Marge, but everything really is beautiful in it's own way. 

Professor Lombardo the ideal person. The person certain old guard movements have made it impossible to be here.1421890_154413553021_professorlombardo.png

9) Revenge is always possible better to at least try to be kind, but take action if necessary don't slave for others and don't accept bullshit. 

10) Revenge will eventually destroy you. take your punishment you petty dick/vagina.

11) No one knows what the hell they are doing or talking about. don't stress.

12) "The same people that say fake it till you make it, say keep it real." Ice T. 

Links to My Musics Across the Internet 





 My Weird Video Shit 


MY Newgrounds EPENIS/EVagina Stinks! 



I have a linkedin as well, lol I'm sure you can find it. 

On the day that I get a sense that this website has normalized into what feels like an ideal or at least a happy medium again I will return and submit in a more regular fashion, until then I have achieved my checklist of Newgrounds goals for 2018. 

In the past I have been a major jerk asshole, I strive every day to change, but it's a journey! 


Yours in big dick/vagina energy! Motherfuck the haters

Syntrus/Gerald Finegrooves

Drew Adams


Posted by Syntrus - August 24th, 2018

Posted by Syntrus - July 23rd, 2018



So here’s the thing I need some goddamn therapy, the therapy is happening it’s a slow painful process, I know you guys want an Alex Jones parody on Newgrounds, I know okay, and I want to provide this to you, but I’m not going to effectively make a “parody” if I am still questioning my sanity. Believe it or not some of what I talk about in my day to day life sounds like a fiction, it has nothing to do with conspiracy it’s just grief, and these problems require therapy to make sure I am not completely nuts. I want my work to be like my predecessors work, a fictionalization of reality that exposes deeply held evils that could artificially stack the deck against us as a society. I don’t want my grief over the loss of a job gf and my father over the course of couple weeks last year,  to bleed into this, there are acceptable forms of crazy, most conspiracy theorists tongue the shit out of their cheeks, otherwise they have one or two actual real life run ins with this lizard man shit, I want to talk about the lizard man shit I have seen in my life, knowing the rest is fabrication, it’s important to me to feel like  I am perfectly sane, before I embark on this undertaking, because my sanity will be questioned if this thing is going to be done properly, and I need answers to queuries as to the nature of my sanity, these answer can’t be written in crayon they need to be carved in stone. You want to help me alleviate the slow down, chase off the weaboos from this creative space, we were all there when certain LA based anime fans took over the culture of this website, we all deserve a share of the blame for allowing these fuckheads success, fight their culture of East Asian uniformity, take back this fucking creative alternative site from these goddamn perverts that experiment by shoving various shapes up their asses not for their own sexual joy but  because some Japanese Cartoon character told them to. You know the users i am talking about...


What I have designed for the Podcast So Far

-The Music

-The Premise 

-The Title

What I still need to do

Therapy (because I have to be 100% sane to pull this off and from time to time last year it was not looking too good. )

Posted by Syntrus - June 30th, 2018

I noticed Newgrounds now hosts podcasts, many of you have noticed that I have a certain hypersensitive worldview about conspiracy so look forward to some doings in that regard. 


Posted by Syntrus - February 11th, 2010

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Posted by Syntrus - January 8th, 2010

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Posted by Syntrus - December 24th, 2009

http://www.indabamusic.com/submissions /show/11475

I am participating in the T-Pain on indaba. That is one of many submissions I will be making.