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Where did the lyrics come from?

Its a nice trance beat. Really digital really comfortable. 155 where you bring in that nice lead is def the best part nice work.

Syntrus out!

mmm. Clamari

Neato song a bit short.
The kind of song which brings out all sorts of emotions.
Confused as to where you found the kickass bass drum sounds. Jealous because it sounds very very good. and hopeful that you will submit more.

Syntrus out!

Calamaistr responds:

hm, somehow im considering remaking the atadema theme now, you people seem to like this alot more than my minimalism.

I dance alon too.

The piano you used was iffy at times. The notes and the variation but it sounds a bit artificial. but you save your self well at :54 with thiss nice poppy synth. Nut I don't know man I would have used a different piano. I could also say its a bit busy in terms of percussion, and seems to lose flow.

But I still enjoyed in terms of melody structure. So yes good work!

7/10 3/5

Kaizerwolf responds:

I was trying to somewhat mimic The Postal Service with those drums, but i didn't do too good of a job. I agree the piano could be better, it's pretty much FL Studio's DirectWave with mixer stuff.

Thanks for the review!

Woot House indeed

The synth is best when it glides but then its stops. Sometimes its dangerous to cut out because it creates this resonance that is somtimes un wanted. Over all this song had me at hello. 4/5 8/10

Kaizerwolf responds:

Good glad you like it. :)

Tell Syntrus what you think of his review; NIFTY! :D


Very nice beat. Clarify what do you mean by "i don't claim that its mine" the samples or the song? Its very nice mellow and cheery all together. The beat is the best part and really brings the samples together!

hit me back 5/5 10/10

Bajir responds:

what i mean is the samples are not mine, the beat and all i made with reason .
thanx for the feedback


Horrible Sounds like the digital equivilant of a cat scratching on a blackboard.


The Piano is excellent.

A very spanish or tribal sounding piece. I like it for its cultural quality.

1:18 ish there was a drop where everything started to transition. and that was the best. I liked er. 10/10 5/5 favorite'd.

FairSquare responds:

Thanks man :-)

Its Bare

This song could use some direction I liked the strings you finished with I wish you would have continued and used the strings. What drives me nuts as sort of a pet peeve thing. Your song changes voices so ok we start with some brass, then poof we move on to a harp, and then we end with strings. I wish they all would have met at some point and played together. Not just a bunch of short solos.

But other then that the writting and the portion at 16 rly do save this song and add a really merry feel that can't be denied. Good work.

loansindi responds:

Definitely fair review, I'm not sure I even considered keeping the brass when the harp came in.

Something i'll keep in mind.

To be honest

The first reviewer isn't giving you any slack. I think its quite nice and has some very original elements to it.

But I also think you should work on clarity and another melody structure to it. But IT think your on the right track.


Hit me back.


Very electric and has the kind of moodyness that this website responds to 5/5 10/10 hit me back.

Lynch321 responds:

Thanx alot man!

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