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Excellent work the instruments were really crisp, you have almost a lounge sound. You really do defy genres. Excellent work. Peace Syntrus Out!

sonny7863 responds:

thank you for the feedback!
all the instruments are recorded at the same time.

This is badass

I love the attitude and it couldn't have been easy to get everything working set up not to mention playing all of the parts this sort of track takes work, and your effort pays out in spades excellent :D. the guitar was very heavy the drums were well played. Everything came together good show.

JackRocker responds:

well..it wasn't really as hard as you might think. it's a fairly easy guitar riff, i just programmed some drums and played it over it. the distortion/effects are done with amp simulators rather than real amps, so that part wasn't really hard either. for me, the hard parts are programming drums. glad you liked it though, i wasn't sure what people were going to think of it. i appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Very nice.

it certainly sounds like i'm in the womb. What can I say nice funky bass and this great change up of instruments. with the distorted synth coming in and out. It sound like olskool San Fransisco house but electrified. Its really good.


Very tubular meets modern electro. I like the effort displayed! good work.

treyhaur responds:

Not sure what you mean by tubular but thanks for the review!

Syntrus's Review

First of all thanks for the review. On to the song. This is a rather nice warm flowing piece with some really nice instruments. Like closing time at the club mixed in with some kind of atmospherics. I know it goes against the code of ambiance at times but I think some drums would really add some kind of a flavor to this. (you don't have to) I do not agree with mister bear as I I do not find it repetitive or boring. As much as I like mister bear. Anyone who took high school art knows that repetition creates unity. It also makes the song resonate with listeners as it will stay in there heads. This piece is powerful because it conveys a sad emotion that truely does chill to the bone. Add a little zazz and I would say best I have heard all year! But it is deff up there. :D Good Work.

RyanAvx responds:

Thanks very much for the kind review :D I've thought for a while about adding some drums to it, I should get around to doing that :D

Its mono

I could make it stereo for you but its really nice just the same its really well played nice clip. :D

MoonlitRaven responds:

if you like, it was made with a shit webcam lol, but I'll redo this sometime, but go ahead man, and thx!

hey pixl

Hey Pixl great track man. I wish my clock could make this sound for me to wake up to it each morning g luck :D

BadCommandCo responds:

Thanks! TBH If I woke up to that intro every day I'd probably go insane, lol.

Love You Rucklo :D

The bad news :(
In my opinion the piano and synthesizer voice choices were a little lacking. remember FDA's original synth choices were quite clean you made em really distorted. I don't know about the piano choice either.I prbly wouldn't have used it. but hey its your track. of course it could be stream quality or something.

The fucking amazing news:

Holy shit the percussion was crisp diverse and the fuzzy bass worked extremely well.
The synth you outro'd with was the best it made it all come together really well. I wish you would have used it a little more.

Good job just the same :D

Hit me back!

Syntrus Out (0_0)

Nice work.

Already very popular song you got here. This song brings me back to the days where users could make a nice bass kick beat song with some flangey lyrics and everyone would respond well. I completely agree with those people. I don't know its really really good but It needs some extra zazz to make it stand out from the competition. (thats just one little bears opinion) take it or leave it.

8/10 5/5 (because I always five.)

Mans0n responds:

thanks for the review! and its not THAT popular lol atleast not yet


Very real sounding piano! Very nice composition with lots of interesting variation. I wish it had some other parts to it. Nice work just the same.

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