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This is the finest bit of nipple pinching or knob twisting I have ever heard!

Midnights-Ocean responds:

Well back in the day I WAS briefly known as "DJ nipple twist" (no I wasn't).

A classic!

This reminds me of the tron soundtrack by daft punk only it’s actually good.

Is this not on the front page yet what the hell does it take? Amazing work!

Holy shit you nailed this!

Right in the chicken wing hole! With that good nutrition. Excellent!

A fine use of reversing organs, and then this spooky melody hit me in the face I was enchanted excellent work all the best!


Daydream-Anatomy responds:

That's the effect I was going for^^
Thanks for the review.

I liked it

Happy blipz and bloopz and an elephant an excellent robots ate my elephant type experience. Is it odd that I can relate to this track?

StefBidz responds:

I don't think it is. If you can it means I managed to do what wanted :)
Thanks !


It sounds very child like, kind of like something you would see in some new age indie childrens show like yo gabba gabba or something. I would call it, nelly the grumpy octagonal lizard from planet L. If you wanna talk script i'm all yours.


Good stuff. So I couldn't help but notice you tracked me down on youtubes. LOL which is why I am here reviewing this track. I'm glad because what I found is a very well formed piece of audio, from start to finish. Because I am a producer of what do people call it "menu music", I do have some struggles with how varied and the opposite of repetitive it is. But as the picky fussy bastards on food network say about ramen noodle salad, I am nit picking because it was so good, and I couldn't find anything bad to say....

Just picking about at the pickled chili peppers now.

Rom nom nom, I think having a bit more of a soundscape in the background, to establish a setting, and theme... ROM NOM NOM would make this piece of music even better.. ROM NOM NOM NOM... Particularly at the beginning.

I think that this is the greatest asian salad...(burp) I mean piece of audio in the contest thus far. It has the Micheal Jackson spooky feel, it also has many modern production must's including dub step womp womp sounds. But I wonder if you played it to safe, I have heard it in the past from users such as psycho goldfish that everything sounds the same. Dubstep is one of those genre's where its like did he take any risks? Is he out of his comfort zone?

I think that in many ways you transcend the dubstep genre, I'm not sure if the judges will be able to make the same connection.

Excellent Work!
Drew Adams

Acid-Paradox responds:

Thanks for reviewing my salad.

Yes i agree , i think it needs more condiment to make it fit with the restaurant's halloween theme.

Thanks for the recipe!

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