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The bastard returns.

A Pitbulljones classic I don’t know much about live mixing. It sounds alright, I enjoyed the angst.

pitbulljones responds:

This is nearly 20 years old mate. My literal start in music production. The mix is horrendous compared to modern me,, but it has charm. Thanks bro.

N64 era shooter soundtrack type song, nice work.

Very diverse arrangement giving me some Capcom vibes but I find it to be a touch loud. So there.

HoBoKaNG responds:

Yeah, there's more room for improvement on this one.

Damn that's hot right there GENO4SMASH

I like it

Well this is a fancy feast. Some Cold Play era upper electronic music right here. The drums are a little trebly as you say, but the rhythm is nice. I like it.

pitbulljones responds:

Ooooooo i never thought coldplay......i hate them lol.

Yup, trebley, did this on cans. I'll be back to this with my proper set up in a day or two and have a real good do at mix down. Glad you like it though.

thanks bro

I really like that echoed synth.

pitbulljones responds:

kontakt kit. The Giant. it's ace

I find it difficult to compose reviews so I don't frequently do it; however this track deserves some sort of comment. I like the way everything comes together around 2:08. I like the way the piano comes in and out , and the vocal is a synth? How does that work? Incredible. Drums are a touch too military for my tastes,just a bit of variation would help that or some extra percs; or maybe you are going for like a military feel, or maybe it's a UK style. Whatever the case, this is a clean well composed work and it is deserving of a five.

pitbulljones responds:

Thank you for the review bro. This is very much in first stage of production. It's going to be refined. I'm looking at adding huge guitar crashes, a groovier bass line and a contrasting B section.

Yup, those vocals are a synth. Vocalise 2 in Kontakt, i'll message you a link for all the goodies. Obviously it's a sampled synth, but by jove is it amazing. Drums are placeholder...ish. I like a heavy live kit, but I will be adding variations of the groove and applying some subtle glitch in the next revision.

I'm glad you like what is here, hopefully I can really bring a track out.

that's cool!

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