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Shiny Toy Guns vibes. Ever heard of Shiny Toy Guns? Damn like a recreation of that signature sound. Chad Petree is that you?

Zip-Zap-Official responds:

I believe I heard a song from them which is a cover of "Major Tom" :'D This was nearly five years ago though
But thank you for rating!

Nice fam! This is really intense well thought out and on beat. Noice!

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks man. :)

Have a five to keep the dream alive!

It’s of a very similar genre and tone to what I would call the “Newgrounds sound” menu music of the highest caliber.

Very psychadelic good work. have a cookie.

Interesting Wave Form

It feels like it's coming from a large vacant space and you can really feel it. The keyboard the sort of hollow key sound it's used effectively, when comparing this song to other songs in its genre I get a sense that you have some potential particularly in the Brooklyn Underground music scene. A pretty rich atmospheric sound, I find it to be enjoyable and I hope people embrace it as the expression it is. Nice work! hit me back fam!

5TanLey responds:

thanks for your thoughts, not sure about that Brooklyn, I'd expect a bit darker sound for that :)


The boss track predates your power glove remixes your thwomp all that shit the OG remix of the original just got a redo and it’s more spacious than ever!

Very similar to its neighbor if you maybe combined the 2 into one song would make it a little more complete, it’s pretty solid though. Nice bit bass catchy drum line, left me wanting more. Have a four.

YHTFLKC responds:

Sadly I no longer have editable version of a lot of my music. Thanks for the review, though, lol. I don't usually make 2 songs out of the same file but when I do they don't always sound nearly identical like these two did. Like for instance Fnky Plnky and Cheeky came out of the same file and they ended up sounding really different. Consider the data ones like prototype file-twins I guess?

All it is is marketing, I see by your bio you are in the US Navy first of all as a citizen of a NATO country thanks for your service. ok so you need to use that. You state that you are a world traveler and that instead of writing letters home you like to write music. You can’t have a brash user name because you don’t want to get in trouble.. ok that’s the marketing out of the way here’s how we get you some more views first of all a like from one of my ppl. I’m not sure slow info style music German sex Ed music is selling anymore on this website as a maker of that music as well I am outraged too! I have noticed that slower instrumentals with more of a break beat have been rising in the production music genres as hip hop beats out sell rock and roll. I love this song, I think if it were slowed down and if you found some brassy saw tooth sounds and messed with the score to an old naval films’ sound track preferably by midi and with manipulation these kids on this site would receive the same sense of adventure I’m recieving from your song now. You don’t have to take my advice I think you are a valid musician and the quick way you play shamisen or digital shamisen shows your chops. This is sooo close to a score for a flash cartoon full of ninjas I can almost picture it. It has so much potential. I’m going to do what I can to help you.

ListenToMyMusic responds:

Thanks a lot! When I listen to it it always brings back me back nostalgic to my Navy days. I have left since and work like a regular person now haha! Long live the AP, it's actually nice to see my score dropping since it indicates the AP is alive again.

If you were wondering which song to lead with this is your hit. 1:41 had some troubles or something but to be fair I’m an asshole that uses a computer it’s dope!! If you want to try for sort of a Linkin park thing hit me up I’m looking for a talent like yours!

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